Number 10

1 The number 1 job I would have would to be a pro surfer because it is a solo sport and when you win you can get paid tones.
2 The number 2 job I would want would be to work on the asp for surfing because you get to travel the world with all the pro surfers and get to meat them all.
3 The number 3 job I would have would be a boss of a company because you would get to tell everyone what you want them to do for your company and you get paid a lot.
4 The number 4 job I would want to be to a doctor because you get to learn tones about the human body and how it all works.
5 The number 5 job I would want would be to be a builder because you get to learn a lot about maths and you get to use a lot of different building tools.
6 The number 6 job I would want would be to play AFL because it is so much fun and you get to make lots of new friends.
7 The number 7 job I would have would be a race car driver because I love driving cars and my dad also loves them.
8 The number 8 job I would have would be a chef because I love baking stuff with my mum.
9 The number 9 job I would have would be a fireman because it would be really fun to put out fires and it would be nice to save someone from a burning building.
10 The number 10 job I would have would be a pilot because u get to travel the world and you get to be up in the sky and the pay is really good.

This week

Today the 30th of aprial we did our science experiments they were lots of fun i did a balloon and a soda can when u move the balloon the soda can also moves. so far this week it has been really fun at school and also at home we have done lots of fun activities.

Digital footprints – student blogging challenge 6

Activity 1

A lot of my online Statuses are privite my avartar is myself on instargram and other sites like that i only let people follow me i know on instargram.

Activity 2

On the sites i dont share my personal stuff about me like my phone number my Address and other stuff like that i also only let my friends and family follow me.

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Maths Home Work

First course meal
Bread $2:00
Cherry $3:00
Tomato’s $3:00
Red onion 50c
Fetta cheese $2:50c
Olive oil $3:30c

Second course meal
Chicken $4:00
Pasta 80c
Onion 40c
Bacon $1:50
Cream $1:50
Garlic 50c
Third course meal
Cream $1:50
Four eggs $1:20
Castor sugar 20c
Strawberries $1:50

Everything equals $27:40c that means I would have $72:60c

100 Word Challenge

In a big sunny town called Torquay there were two friends called max and Bailey they have been planning for two weeks now to go to the swimming pool in Geelong so today was the day when they were going to go. So Max went over to Baileys they jumped in the car and head of the pool about five minutes later the car started to shake and do some crazy things then the car stopped suddenly so we got out and opened the bonnet we rang the racv they came quickly they said we had a flat old  battery.


My favourite sport is surfing because it is an awesome out gong sport I also love it because I am in the water. I started surfing at the age of five so I have been surfing for 6 years I love surfing at Torquay surf beach. The first place I ever surfed was at cosy corner. I also started on a foam board I got my first real board when I was 9 for 20 bucks at a garage sale in Torquay I used it to I got my new board from Torquay surf I got it when I was 10 on my birth day so from now I love surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

When i went to wet and wild.

We pulled up at the wet and wild car park and ran in the first ride we went on was the flow rider then we went on the super 8. The funst ride was the flow rider affter about 5 rides we had lunch

it was so much fun the cyclone was  a lot of fun. We had a go on 8 more rides then we had to go home the last one we went on was the black hole that was also a lot of fun. Then we had to go home to our hotel.